Trade Gold

Get full exposure to the precious metals market and explore potential profit opportunities.

How to Trade Gold?

Buying and selling precious metals can be easily accomplished online. Traders can directly buy or sell gold in the bullion market. But the question for new gold traders still remains – How to trade gold successfully?

There are multiple ways to start trading in gold but to successfully generate profits or to make the right investment requires you to keep some key factors in mind. Before jumping right into the gold trading market there should be a basic understanding of how the economic cycles work, who are the participants and the track of supply / demand. Moreover, traders need to have the right resources via which they can trade gold.

CapitalXtend provides traders with the right insights and guidance of the gold market. We offer our clients authentic strategies and resources to trade gold confidently.

Trade Gold against Major Currencies

XAUUSD (Gold/Us Dollar)
XAUEUR (Gold/Euro)
XAUGBP (Gold/British Pound)

Why Trade Gold with CapitalXtend?

We are a multi-award winner for providing top-class trading tools, excellent customer service, and support.

15 Years Industry Experience

Capitalxtend is formed by industry experts, providing utmost reliability and complete transparency.

Ultra Tight Spreads

Monitor your trading costs and improve profitability with Capitalxtend. Trade with highly competitive spreads, round-the-clock

Safety of Funds

Your funds are completely safe and secured in segregated accounts, with the protection of negative-balance.

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service is available in different languages – get in touch with Capitalxtend without any hesitation.

Trade Gold – Diversify your Trading Investments

Gold is a traditional and most trusted form of currency. Traders can make profits from trading commodities or trading precious metals such as gold – a safe-haven in the financial markets. Whether is it individuals, governments, or banks, gold is sought out by everyone around the world.

The profits or losses on Gold trading CFDs are determined by the fluctuations in gold prices during the contract duration.
With CapitalXtend, you can trade precious metals as CFDs on the world’s most powerful platform MetaTrader 4 or MT4, the same way Forex trading is done. Seamless and fast trading execution with zero hidden charges.

Gain exposure to the global markets on trading gold CFDs with Capitalxtend.

Gold Trading Online

There is an old saying – “Gold has never been worthless”, which is true as gold has always been used as a reliable form of currency, universally, for trading goods. Its consistent demand makes it one of the most liquid assets globally.

While trading metals, you have the freedom to trade as per the market speculations, maximize opportunities, and benefit from potential profits. Precious metals such as gold are the high-value assets which hedge your investment risks.

Several factors influence gold trading – Supply & Demand, Market Uncertainty & Volatility, and Currency movements. CapitalXtend provides traders with the right gold trading strategies and allows them to benefit from low-margins and fast execution.

Are you ready to start trading the gold market?

Best Platform for Gold Trading

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the world’s most popular trading platform.
Combine Capitalxtend’s award-winning customer service with the most powerful platform (MT4) and discover the benefits of trading gold.

Enjoy easy interface customization, one-click trading, live market analysis and more.

Forms of Gold in Trading Market

Physical Metals

Bulk buying or selling which is measured in weight i.e. bars.

Gold Certificates

Paper notes proving gold ownership which can be used like cash payments.

Gold Futures

A contract agreement stating the future delivery of gold, at a set price.

Gold-based ETFs

Exchange Traded funds (ETFs) which are managed by gold trading experts.
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