How does it work?CapitalXtend’s Copytrade is a game-changer that enables anyone to trade like a professional trader.

Select the trader you want to follow You can find the right trader in the traders leaderboard
Set the Investment Amount Select and set the amount you want to invest in.
Subscribe to a Master Account Hit the ‘Subscribe’ button to automatically copy the trader’s activity automatically.

Autopilot mode: Follow professionals and earn money!By going on Autopilot, you can copy traders from the top trading masters on multiple instruments. So, when they earn a profit, you also get the same returns.

  • BenefitsCopying simultaneously from several masters
  • BenefitsSubscribe and unsubscribe at your will
  • BenefitsImmediate deposit or withdrawal services
  • BenefitsFull control to close any trade anytime

Monitor and earn profitCopy every move of a trading master in real-time so that when they make a trade and earn profits, you reap the benefits as well.

  • BenefitsUnlimited opportunities
  • BenefitsEasy entry in the markets
  • BenefitsTrade without any knowledge and experience
  • BenefitsCopy, monitor, and earn a stable income
  • BenefitsDiversify your portfolio
  • BenefitsDifferent instruments like forex, commodities, stocks, and others
  • BenefitsMin trade lot size for investor at all times is as per min lot size defined for the instrument on contract specifications, mostly 0.01.

Trade with a smart broker With CapitalXtend trading conditions, you can earn more and have a convenient, smart, secure, and fast experience.

  • BenefitsFull trade control
  • BenefitsTransparency & Reliability
  • BenefitsSecure payments
  • BenefitsSuperior trading tools
  • BenefitsExceptionally fast execution
  • BenefitsUltra-tight spreads
Spend Hours

No time to Spend Hours? Try Copy Trading!Busy doing other productive things? Just Copy the Trades & earn revenue even when you are away!

*Past Performance don’t guarantee future performances

No time or experience to trade?

We have got you covered!

If you lack the knowledge and experience for trading or simply don’t have the time, try CopyTrading and make money.

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