Trade Spot Metals with Capitalxtend

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Millions of traders choose to trade spot metals and here's why:

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A Safe Haven

Trading Spot Metals is considered to be safe and reliable because their values remain unaffected by the outer economic situation.


Simple Mechanism

The pricing mechanism of spot metal market is easier to follow as compared to the one used for the foreign exchange market.


Access to Constant Quotes

Trading spot metals allows traders to receive constant quotes, all thanks to the evolution of the internet and live data.


Less Storage Inconvenience

To trade spot metals, you need certain investment vehicles to generate exposure to their actual prices. This can easily be done without physical bars or coins.

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Spreads in Gold

Get an overview of ultra-tight spreads in the Gold market.

XAUUSD Gold vs US Dollar / Spot 100 0.01 -7 -4
XAUEUR Gold vs Euro / Spot 100 0.01 -5 -5
XAUGBP Gold vs Great Britain Pound / Spot 100 0.01 -3 -1
XAGCHF Silver vs Swiss Franc / Spot 5000 0.001 -1 -1
XAUAUD Gold vs Australian Dollar / Spot 100 0.01 -9 -5
XAUCHF Gold vs Swiss Franc / Spot 100 0.01 -1 -7

More Than Just an FX Broker

Diversify your investment portflio by trading CFDs on than just Forex.

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15 Years Industry Experience

Capitalxtend is formed by industry experts, providing utmost reliability and complete transparency.

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Ultra Tight Spreads

Monitor your trading costs and improve profitability with Capitalxtend. Trade with highly competitive spreads, round-the-clock

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Safety of Funds

Your funds are completely safe and secured in segregated accounts, with the protection of negative-balance.

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24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service is available in different languages – get in touch with Capitalxtend without any hesitation.


Spot metals’ normal margin is 100% of the contract value or 1:1.

Gold trading is available 23 hours a day from 6 PM Eastern Time Sunday to 5 PM Eastern Time Friday. It remains closed for one hour, 5 PM to 6 PM ET, every day. However, you can still edit and cancel existing working orders or place new working orders. Spot gold trading also follows CME holiday closure.

Yes, but with Forex positions, rollover is applicable.

Yes, a client can hold a maximum of 10,000 troy ounces for spot gold.

No, there isn’t any expiration date when trading spot gold. The position will remain open as long as you maintain the required margin.

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