Introducing CapitalXtend's new ‘Cashback Reward’ program

We are thrilled to announce our new campaign i.e., Cashback Reward for all our existing and new traders.

Starting from 1st of August 2022 to 31st of December 2022, you can register and log in to have 5 months to earn a maximum payout of $5000* depending on each lot traded.

By joining the Cashback Reward Program, traders can trade their favorite lots and earn rebates on each lot traded. The program allows traders to unlock levels where they can earn $1/lot at level 1 up to $3/lot at level 3 with a maximum payout of $5000.

Cashback Rewards

To participate in the cashback reward program, the traders can merely register with CapitalXtend and log in to the trader’s room. Then, they can join the promotion and deposit $100 or more to start trading and earn rebates.

The whole program is intended to benefit both new and expert traders alike. For new traders, it provides a prospect to earn some additional income while they learn the strings. For expert traders, it is a way to boost their profits.

Register now and retain your spot for the Cashback Reward Program.

For more participation criteria, promotion specification and requirement visit T&Cs here.