Stock CFDs

Discover and make the best of the stock opportunities from the biggest organizations!

How CFD Stock Trading Works?

CFDs allow traders to buy and sell shares easily, even when the market is falling. The stock market puts certain limitations on traders, which is where the stockbrokers come into play.

Instead of buying the shares themselves, there’s a contract where the broker agrees to settle the difference in value between the entry and exit price of the shares. This allows more flexibility to the traders in the stock market.

It also provides leveraged stock trading up to 20% margin, allowing more profitable opportunities. The spread costs can be calculated by the traders by tracking the real-time spreads and pip costs. There are no hidden costs.

Calculate Trading P/L

Sell price – Buy price x Pip value x No. of Contracts (Lot size) = Total P/L

Calculate Trade Margin

Stock price x contract size (lot size) x 20%= Margin required

Why Trade Stocks with Capitalxtend?

We are a multi-award winner for providing top-class trading tools, excellent customer service and support.

15 Years Industry Experience

Capitalxtend is formed by industry experts, providing utmost reliability and complete transparency.

Ultra Tight Spreads

Monitor your trading costs and improve profitability with Capitalxtend. Trade with highly competitive spreads, round-the-clock

Safety of Funds

Your funds are completely safe and secured in segregated accounts, with the protection of negative-balance.

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service is available in different languages – get in touch with Capitalxtend without any hesitation.

Benefits of Stock CFDs

Broaden Portfolio

Create and manage a custom stock portfolio of companies.

Enhance Stock Trading Experience

Improve stock trading potential by speculating prices on both rising and falling markets.

Hedge Investment

Take advantage of short-term moves and hedge investment risks.

Trade Shares Online

Trade stocks from the world’s biggest companies like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and more, within seconds. Capitalxtend allows traders to buy and sell shares from major companies and corporations like NYSE and NASDAQ, alongside forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, and indices. We have got everything covered!

Trading via CFDs is on margins. Hence, traders get the freedom and flexibility to go short when there is a downward trend. They can generate profits from even small market movements.

Trade top global stock CFDs with low margins and spreads.

Best Platform for Stock CFDs Trading

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the world’s most popular trading platform.
Combine Capitalxtend’s award-winning customer service with the most powerful platform (MT4) and discover the benefits of trading stocks.

Enjoy easy interface customization, one-click trading, live market analysis and more.

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